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June 1st: Mini Jade Forest Beginner Class and BYOT Class @ Kimura Bonsai

Come join us at Kimura Bonsai Garden for a hands-on workshop with Daniel Deephouse, cultivating portulacara afra forests (mini jade)!

Whether you're a novice or just looking to refine your skills, this event is perfect for beginners. Learn the art of shaping and caring for these beautiful plants in the serene setting of Kimura Bonsai Garden, Castaic, CA.

Take part in this fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow bonsai enthusiasts and grow your passion for this ancient art form. Don't miss out!

Limit 8

$100 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM

30535 Hasley Canyon Rd,

Castaic, CA 91384


In the afternoon, Daniel hosts a Bring Your Own Tree (BYOT) class.

Bring your own trees, or find some at Kimura, to style and refine under Daniel's Supervision.

Many students take both classes for a relaxing, mindful day of bonsai!

Limit 8


1:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Kimura Bonsai Garden,

30535 Hasley Canyon Rd,

Castaic, CA 91384


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