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Bonsai at Your Event or Venue 

A fun, memorable experience for your guests!

Two women, one with long silver hair and one with brown hair pulled back. Both are smiling, and one is holding up a pair of wire cutters. There is a tray in front of them with a bonsai tree, an empty bonsai pot and a cup.
An attractive Black man repotting a small elm bonsai tree
Two women, one Black and one caucasian, hugging each other as they sit at a table with bonsai trees and the pots they will be planted in..
Daniel Deephouse showing students how to trim a their bonsai trees
Daniel will lead a private class at your home or venue, guiding your guests as they create beautiful bonsai they can take home!

Why not make your event a step above the rest?

Daniel can teach up to 20 people per session, providing trees, tools, pots, soil and wire--everything your guests need to make their own bonsai.

Classes are inspirational, mindful and fun social nexuses!

On-site workshops start at $400, plus $100 per guest.

Pricing includes tree, pot, soil, wire and instruction for a pre-arranged number of students. Classes are limited to the Southern California area for the time being.

A man in a red shirt holding up a small juniper bonsai tree

For an additional $35 per student, Daniel can provide copies of his amazing interactive book, "What Can a 1,000 Year Old Tree Teach Us About Life, Love, Loss, and Joy?"


Robert, CA

I feel like I had the best day today!! Thank you so much Daniel ❤️🔥🙌 incredible experience.

Chris B., CA

Such a blast, thanks again! Looking forward to a long happy healthy life for my new little bud 🌳😎

Ana W., CA

It was an awesome class and a great time 🙌🌲
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