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Executive Events 

The Seven Reflections of Bonsai and Strengthening Your Team

A page from Daniel Deephouse's book, reading "there are no inside trees"
A Black executive trimming a bonsai tree.
A page from Daniel Deephouse's book, reading "You have to cut things away to get to the essence."
Daniel Deephouse demonstrating how to prepare a juniper bonsai tree for potting.
- Boost Employee Morale
Team members benefit from an enjoyable group experience.

- Build Relationships 
Team members will see each other in a new way. Work relationships form, collaboration improves.

-Encourage Creativity 
Foster free-flowing conversations within a team of individuals more inclined to voice their out-of-the-box ideas and generate innovation.

-Increase Zen focus
Employees learn how to be fully present, aware, open; allowing outside distractions and interruptions to pass in order to stay focused and productive.
-Create Connections
Bring together people from all levels and departments of the company, leading to a more collaborative and collegial work environment.

-Reduce Stress
Provide your employees with a break that fosters a refreshed ability to work at their best in challenging situations.
-Strengthen Teams
Engaging in Seven Reflections on Bonsai whilst
working with bonsai improves problem-solving ability, enhances communication skills, and develops a sense of camaraderie among team members.

-Engage & Retain 
Work with bonsai is also working with one's self. Your team will each leave with a beautiful tree they created and will be self-actualized, stronger, and more confident.

Daniel will partner with your company to provide an engaging, creative experience; immersing and captivating your team in a mindful, supportive environment that will awaken their zen focus. Attendees emerge refreshed, refocused, and ready to move forward with their new skills, with a beautiful new tree in hand!

Daniel Deephouse's book, "What does a 1,000 year old tree tell us about life, love, loss, and joy?" Behind it sits a small potted bonsai tree on a wooden stand, as well as a tiny potted grassy plant.

Robert, CA

I feel like I had the best day today!! Thank you so much Daniel ❤️🔥🙌 incredible experience.

Chris B., CA

Such a blast, thanks again! Looking forward to a long happy healthy life for my new little bud 🌳😎

Ana W., CA

It was an awesome class and a great time 🙌🌲
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